Cleanup Unused EBS Volumes

Opportunity Name:

Cleanup Unused EBS Volumes

AWS Resource Type:


Opportunity Description:

This FF Finds and deletes unused EBS volumes

Criteria for identifying the opportunity:

EBS volumes that have been detached for more than 1 week are identified as an opportunity.

Potential savings (range in % on annual basis):

All savings are realized by deleting detached EBS volumes. Thus, savings are accrued by subtracting the cost of the volume from the cost of the snapshot.

What happens when the Fixer is executed?

A snapshot is taken of the EBS volume, and the volume is deleted.

Is it possible to rollback once CloudFix implements the fixer?

The EBS volume can be restored with the snapshot.

To restore the volume, do the following:

  • On the Amazon AWS console, choose Snapshots from the Elastic Block Store menu.
  • Find the snapshot to restore.
  • From Actions, choose Create Volume.

Can CloudFix implement the fix automatically once I accept the recommendation?


Does this fix require downtime?

No, it only operates on detached volumes.


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