EFS Intelligent Tiering

Opportunity Name:

EFS Intelligent Tiering


AWS Resource Type:

EFS file system


Opportunity Description:

Enable EFS intelligent tiering for EFS file systems so that infrequently accessed files will be moved to the InfrequentAccess storage class, which can save 92% of their storage costs.


Criteria for identifying the opportunity:

This FF considers the following criteria for EFS file system:

  •  Any EFS file system for which InfrequentAccess (IA) is already enabled is excluded.
  •  EFS file systems with Throughput mode of Provisioned are included.
  •  EFS file systems with Throughput mode of Bursting are included unless their minimum required throughput is above 90% of the baseline throughput of the file system, during the last 30 days.


Potential savings (range in % on annual basis):

When IA is not already enabled, the saving for files infrequently accessed is 92% of their storage costs. AWS indicates that 80% of the file system data can be moved to IA storage class, so overall an average saving of up to 73% is possible (varies for throughput mode of Bursting due to the need to provision throughput to meet bursts).


What happens when the Fixer is executed?

The fixer does the following:

  •  If the EFS file system throughput mode is set to bursting then set it to Provisioned, and set the Provisioned Throughput to be equal to minimum required throughput.
  • Change Life Cycle Management rules to allow transition into and out of IA using the AWS defaults (i.e. transition into IA after 30 days of no read/write access and transition out of IA on first access).
  • Monitor the Throughput via CloudWatch, and increase the provisioned throughput by 10% when it is too high.


Is it possible to rollback once CloudFix implements the fixer?

No automatic rollback, because turning off IA leaves files in their most recent storage class.


Manual rollback is possible by:

  •  Turning off IA so no new files will be moved to IA storage class.
  •  Accessing files so that they will be moved out of IA storage class.
  •  Changing the Throughput mode back to its original value of Bursting (when Bursting was indeed the value).


Can CloudFix implement the fix automatically once I accept the recommendation?



Does this fix require downtime?



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