Why are Previously Approved Templated Asking for Approval Again?


You have previously approved the Change Manager Template for certain Fixers and Accounts and probably even executed them. However, you are now observing that some Change Manager Templates are back in a Pending state on the AWS side and they have again an Approval button in the CloudFix portal recommendations.


This is the expected behavior when there are changes implemented in the templates or a new version of a runbook is released by CloudFix.

While these situations may be inconvenient, they are necessary to ensure that the most up-to-date and secure templates and runbooks are being used and at the same time is a security measure that gives you full visibility and control on the changes that can be performed in your AWS infrastructure.

The current solution is to review and approve again the new templates.

As an alternative, CloudFix offers a “Centralized Template Approval” stack which allows you to enable Auto-Approval of templates for the fixers of your choice and even the possibility to Auto-Fix Easy and Best Practices recommendations if you chose to do so. By enabling auto-approval you won’t have to manually approve templates again due to updates.

You can install this stack by going into the CloudFix portal: Settings > Finders & Fixers > Enable Centralized Approval

Once installed you will be able to enable the "auto approve templates" checkbox for each Fixer



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