Understanding Savings in Cloudfix: Potential, Completed, and Realized


In Cloudfix, savings are categorized as Potential, Completed, and Realized. These categories are fundamental in understanding the progress and impact of CloudFix recommendations on your resources.

You can see the three types of savings on the home page:

Inside each recommendation:

And in the Savings report (where they are shown in an all-time cumulative fashion)

This article explains these three categories of savings and when/how they are calculated.




Potential Savings = the estimated savings available

Potential savings are the estimated savings for fixes that have been identified but haven't been executed yet. They represent the potential economic benefit that could be gained if the recommended changes were applied to the resources. They are calculated using your current cost and comparing it to our estimation of the target cost if the recommendation was applied.

NOTE: In the Savings report above, Potential is shown cumulatively, so it represents all the potential savings ever found.


Completed Savings = the estimated savings actioned

Completed savings are the estimated savings from fixes that have already been implemented. They represent the potential savings that have been successfully actioned. This figure is taken over from potential savings once the automatic implementation of the change completes successfully (or you confirm that you have implemented a recommendation manually using the "I fixed it" button).


Realized Savings = the real savings produced

Realized savings are the real savings that have been achieved after a recommendation is applied and its impact has been verified. This calculation usually begins a week after the fix is implemented and continues until a predetermined number of days have passed. It needs to be noted that due to the different nature of each type of recommendation, they will have a different amount of days until we consider the savings as realized (we call it the "realization period"). While the savings of most fixes are realized 30 days after completion, some take 21 days and others like S3 Intelligent Tiering will take as much as 90.

To calculate the realized savings for resources that have been deleted, Cloudfix will just claim the completed savings as realized at the end of the realization period.

To calculate the realized savings for resources that have been modified, Cloudfix will run a Cost and Usage Report (CUR) query one week after completion and then periodically until the end of the "realization period" to extrapolate the new cost of the resource and subtract it from the original cost, giving us the exact amount of real savings produced.


To illustrate the above...


<supportagent>To understand the different database fields and dates that take part in the different stages of the savings calculations please check: Tracking Savings in the Database


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