Cleaning Up CloudFix Templates in AWS Change Manager


This article addresses the question of whether or not customers can delete old SSM document templates from the AWS Change Manager when using Cloudfix. This is particularly relevant if you have legacy templates from older versions of Cloudfix that you no longer use and want to clean up your interface.


Every template created by CloudFix starts with the prefix "CloudFix-" and you have the ability to remove any of these SSM document templates from your AWS Change Manager account at any time.

This includes templates from both old versions and the current version of Cloudfix. As Cloudfix does not rely on AWS CloudFormation or other resource management systems for these templates, it is safe to delete any unused SSM documents from your account.

In the event that a template currently in use is inadvertently deleted, Cloudfix's built-in system will automatically recreate it during the next template update job. Please note, this will not occur immediately following removal but will take place in due time.

Legacy templates from older versions of Cloudfix, identifiable by the prefix "Cloudfix-CT", can be safely deleted if they are no longer required.

In conclusion, the AWS Change Manager in conjunction with Cloudfix gives you control over the management of your SSM document templates, enabling you to streamline and declutter your AWS account as necessary.





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