How to resolve 'DocumentLimitExceeded' error when creating a SSM document?



By default AWS limits to 500 the number of SSM documents per AWS account per region as can be seen in their documentation: AWS Systems Manager endpoints and quotas.

This limitation can prevent Cloudfix from creating approval templates or from successfully executing fixers as seen below:



To request a quota increase for AWS Systems Manager (SSM) documents, you need to contact AWS Support. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Go to the AWS Management Console and search "Support" and open it. 2023-06-22_18-01-49.png

  2. In the Support Center, click on "Create case" to initiate the process of creating a new support case.2023-06-22_18-11-02.png

  3. Select the appropriate options:2023-06-22_18-25-08.png

  4. Set Subject: "Limit increase: SSM Documents" and Description: E.g.: "Please increase the limit of SSM documents from 500 to 1000 as this is impacting our ability to execute automated optimizations to our infrastructure" Note: Set limit as per requirement. 2023-06-22_18-37-48.png

  5. Fill in "Solve now or contact us"2023-06-22_18-39-17.png

Note that the time it takes to receive a response can vary depending on support ticket volumes and other factors. If your request is urgent, you can consider reaching out to AWS Support directly through phone or chat support channels for faster assistance.

It's recommended to provide a clear and concise explanation of why you need the quota increase and any relevant details that can support your request.



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