Error when creating a stack: "The following resources failed to create [StackPreCheckInvoke]".


In some occasions while creating the CloudFix stack during installation or upgrade you might receive a "CREATE_FAILED" error with the reason: "The following resource(s) failed to create [StackPreCheckInvoke]" as shown below in the below example:




This happens when one of the prerequisites to install CloudFix fails.

You might be able to find more information about the particular requirement that failed under the "Resources" tab


For example: "Stack was not created on 'us-east-1'"


This could happen if one of the below conditions is NOT met:

1. Stack is created in us-east-1 (See: CloudFix Deployment in Multiple Regions or a Single Region)

2. Stack is created in the management account (installation in other accounts won't work despite high-level of permissions)

In case of an upgrade issue, you can confirm the AWS ID of a customer's management account checking the "management_account_id" field in the "Tenants" table.

Then compare it to the number in their "Stack info" > "Stack ID". These need to match. </supportagent>

3. The AWS user account that is being used to create the CloudFormation Stack has enough permissions to create specific resources included in the Stack (for example a CUR or an IAM role).

4. AWS account has a free quota to create a new CUR report

5. AWS account has a free quota to create a new S3 bucket

6. AWS account has a big enough Concurrent Executions quota for Lambda (>102)


If you are meeting all the above requirements and you still experience issues, we recommend raising a ticket with us providing if possible a short recording of all the steps being followed. You can use a 3rd party tool like Loom for creating and sharing the video.

This will help us further with troubleshooting and understanding the next steps to resolve this.




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