Using Webhooks in CloudFix


Webhooks in CloudFix allow for real-time notifications about saving recommendations. This KBA provides a step-by-step guide on how to configure a webhook in CloudFix and understand the data it returns.

Agents also have available: Troubleshooting Webhooks


Configuring a Webhook

1. Go to Settings > Webhook > Add Webhook

2. In the "Add Webhook" window provide:

  • A unique Name for your webhook.
  • Specify the URL where your integration will be listening for webhook events.
  • Provide a Secret. This is essential to validate that the events received are legit and come from CloudFix and not from a potentially malicious third party.
  • Select "Active" status if you want it to be enabled after creation.

NOTE: Webhooks are valid for 180 days after creation. After 180 days they expire and stop working.


When are they triggered?

Webhooks are triggered whenever a new saving opportunity is created or the status of an existing one is updated (Scheduled, In Progress, Completed, Failed, etc.). For more information see Statuses of CloudFix Recommendations


Data Structure:

The primary components of the returned JSON when the webhook is triggered are the “event” and the “request” nodes.

  • The “event” node contains metadata of the webhook, including headers with the shared secret so you can verify the legitimacy of the event.
  • The “request” node contains all details on the new or updated opportunity.

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