How to Read the Benchmark Report


The CloudFix Benchmark report provides users with insights regarding their AWS expenditure. One of the core features of this report is the 'Deviation' column, which visually indicates the divergence of an organization's spend compared to the global average spending. Understanding this deviation can provide actionable insights to better manage and optimize your AWS costs.


  • Access to CloudFix via
  • Familiarity with AWS infrastructure costs


  1. Login to your CloudFix account.

  2. Navigate to Reports > Benchmark.

  3. The report is sorted with the services with your most ANNUAL SPEND at the top.
  4. The column MY COMPANY SPEND represents the percentage of your organization's expenditure in a specific AWS service and GLOBAL AVERAGE SPEND shows the same value for the aggregation of all CloudFix customers.

  5. The Deviation column shows an easy-to-understand graphical representation that indicates the difference percentage between your company expenditure in a specific AWS service and the global average.

  6. Interpret the Deviation Values:

    • High: Divergence > 33%.
    • Medium: Divergence > 10% and =< 33%.
    • Low: Divergence <= 10%

The technical calculation of this divergence can be seen in the source code here.</supportagent>



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