2023 August - Release Notes


New features and improvements

We released a lot of improvements focusing on improving the user experience.


1. The benchmark report now loads much faster:


2. We added tooltips showing Account and OU ids. These can also be used for filtering:


3. You will now see a warning if your template stack is two or more versions out of date:


4. We've reorganized our menu. The User and Overview pages are now found under the Settings menu. And we've renamed "Overview" to “OUs Onboarding:”


5. Scheduled fixes now show their scheduled times in the "Status" column:


6. If you've already approved all templates on all accounts, we'll take you directly to the "Available to Execute" tab when you open a Fixer:


7. Template Auto Approval is more straightforward, and explained the first time it is turned on: 


8. We've removed the 24-hour countdown clock from the onboarding flow. 




We squashed quite a few bugs in this release:

  • #3267 - Onboarding screens were hanging for new tenants.
  • #3127 - Wrongly formatted stack version numbers snuck into the DB, and as a result scans were not running for a few clients.
  • #3172 - The registration screen was not explicit that the password strength must be "Strong." 
  • #3151 - We fixed some internal event routing problems caused by a misnamed SNS topic. 
  • #3468 - Logging in with some password managers from Firefox wasn't working. Now it does!
  • #2837 - The Delete Idle Quicksight Users fixers mistakenly deleted users who still owned assets. Now it correctly first transfers those assets.
  • #3244 - The cumulative savings chart was incorrectly hiding some savings. Now they're all there.
  • #3644 - Inefficient mapping logic in the EC2CleanupUnusedAMIs Finder resulted in recommendations generally being blocked. This has been corrected.
  • #2796 - Realized savings in the dashboard incorrectly included savings that were still being tracked.
  • #3092 - Some failed fixes had their error messages replaced with a generic unhelpful message, making troubleshooting impossible.
  • #3588 - Tenants did not get the very latest stack when they connected their AWS account; rather they got whatever stack was current at the time they created their CloudFix account. 
  • #3744 - Missing expected cost allocation tags caused Ec2IntelToAmd finder to fail to generate recommendations.
  • #3707 - Some EC2 Finders incorrectly filtered out result rows with null values, leading to no recommendations being generated.
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