CloudFix Fixers: Types and Implications


CloudFix offers diverse optimization categories - Easy, Medium, and Advanced - to cater to different operational needs and skill levels. This guide provides an overview of each category, from automated, hassle-free solutions to more complex, manual interventions.


1. Introduction to CloudFix Optimization Categories

Automated Fixers: Utilize AWS Change Manager runbooks for effortless, standardized optimization.
Manual Fixers: Require specialized skills for complex, tailored cloud resource management.


2. Automated Fixers

  • Easy (Seamless Efficiency): Offers immediate cost reductions with zero downtime, ideal for maintaining operational continuity.
  • Medium (Resource Rationalization): Targets idle or underutilized resources, balancing cost savings with minimal operational changes.
  • Advanced (Strategic Overhaul): For organizations ready for significant, long-term changes, potentially involving downtime or complex system adjustments.
  • Best Practices (Long-Term Cloud Management): Focus on enhancing telemetry and monitoring capabilities for effective resource management, setting a foundation for future optimizations.


3. Manual Fixers

They offer in-depth customization for expert users and therefore can be found under the "Advanced" recommendations. Tailored for organizations with in-house expertise, covering complex changes across services like EC2, EMR, EKS, and ECS. Involves intricate service configuration adjustments for maximum optimization. 



Choose the right CloudFix category based on your organization's needs, expertise, and operational flexibility. From simple, automated fixes to complex manual adjustments, CloudFix provides a range of solutions for effective cost management in cloud resources.



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