RDS Retype Single AZ

Opportunity Name:

RDS Retype SingleAZ


AWS Resource Type:

RDS (Relational Database Service)


Opportunity Description:

CloudFix identifies opportunities for cost savings by recommending the transition of RDS clusters/instances from Multi-AZ deployments to Single-AZ deployments. This recommendation is based on the analysis that Single-AZ deployments are significantly less expensive than Multi-AZ deployments, offering potential savings on instance, storage, and IOPS costs.


Criteria for identifying the opportunity:

  • Target RDS clusters/instances with Multi-AZ configurations.
  • Annual cost, extrapolated from the last 31 days of usage, exceeds the annual public cost threshold (default $100).
  • Ensure the cost reduction recommendation surpasses 15% of the Storage costs.


Potential savings (range in % on annual basis):

  • For SQL Server EE instances, savings are calculated at 24% of the current costs.
  • For other instances (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB), savings are calculated at 50% of the current costs.


Can CloudFix apply an automatic fix?



Other considerations:

  • Performance impact: Transitioning from Multi-AZ to Single-AZ may impact the availability and fault tolerance of the RDS instance. Users should assess the criticality of their database workloads before accepting this recommendation.
  • Data loss considerations: While cost savings are significant, the increased risk of data loss or downtime due to the lack of redundancy in Single-AZ deployments should be carefully considered.
  • Security concerns: The security posture of RDS instances should not be affected by the transition from Multi-AZ to Single-AZ. However, users should review their security configurations to ensure they remain aligned with their security policies.


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