RDS Rightsize Storage

Opportunity Name:

RDS Rightsize Storage


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Opportunity Description:

CloudFix identifies opportunities to reduce costs by resizing RDS storage volumes without impacting performance. It targets volumes where the allocated storage exceeds the required capacity, considering performance metrics and ensuring at least 20% free space remains. Recommendations include switching to GP3 where applicable, optimizing for cost without compromising on performance or availability.


Criteria for identifying the opportunity:

  • Annual cost, extrapolated from the last 31 days of usage, exceeds the annual public cost threshold (default $100).
  • Database storage types include GP2, GP3, and IO1.
  • Ensures no performance degradation for GP2 due to IOPS reduction.
  • Keeps at least 20% available space after resizing.
  • Recommends enabling storage autoscaling where available.


Potential savings (range in % on annual basis):

  • Expected to target up to a 30%-40% reduction on the bills by optimizing storage costs.
  • Actual savings will depend on the current storage configuration and usage patterns.


Can CloudFix implement the fix automatically once I accept the recommendation?



Other considerations:

  • Performance impact: The recommendation ensures there will be no performance degradation due to IOPS reduction or storage resizing.
  • Data loss considerations: Recommendations include keeping at least 20% free space to accommodate data growth and avoid data loss risks.
  • Security concerns: No direct impact on security settings. However, enabling storage autoscaling as recommended should be configured with security best practices in mind.


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