EMR Delete Idle Clusters

Opportunity Name:

EMR Delete Idle Clusters


AWS Resource Type:

EMR (Elastic MapReduce)


Opportunity Description:

CloudFix identifies EMR clusters that have been idle over the last 30 days and recommends enabling auto-termination for these clusters to optimize costs. For clusters in regions or versions that do not support auto-termination, CloudFix recommends manual termination.


Criteria for identifying the opportunity:

  • Checks if the EMR cluster exists.
  • Utilizes CloudWatch metric ‘IsIdle’ over the last 30 days to determine if the cluster is idle.
  • Annual cost, extrapolated from the last 31 days of usage, exceeds the annual public cost threshold (default $100).
  • Auto-termination is considered for clusters based on their AWS region and EMR version compatibility.


Potential savings (range in % on annual basis):

  • The estimated savings will be the annual cost of the cluster, assuming the cluster remains idle for the entire year.


Can CloudFix apply the fix automatically once I accept the recommendation?



Other considerations:

  • Performance impact: Terminating or enabling auto-termination for idle clusters has no impact on active workloads.
  • Data loss considerations: Before terminating a cluster, ensure that all necessary data has been backed up or migrated, as termination will result in the loss of any data stored on the cluster.
  • Security concerns: Review and adjust any security policies or IAM roles that may be affected by the termination of the cluster.


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