Approving and Executing Cloudfix Fixers


This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough on approving recommended changes within CloudFix that interact with AWS services.

Accessing the Dashboard

  1. Open Dashboard: Visit the CloudFix Dashboard to begin. 

Approving Recommendations

  1. View Recommendations: Click any Recommendation section to view proposed changes.
    Screenshot of the CloudFix dashboard link.Review Details: Open the recommendation and click on the "Pending Approval Tab" to see specifics.

Approval Process

  1. Initial Approval: Click "APPROVE". 
    Screenshot of the 'APPROVE' button.
  2. AWS Role Confirmation: Accept the defaults in the AWS Switch role dialog and click the confirmation button.
    Screenshot of the 'Pending Approval' tab.
  3. Final Approval: Click "Approve" again after typing a comment in the "Comments - optional" field. 
    Screenshot of AWS switch role confirmation dialog.Screenshot of the final 'Approve' button with comment field.
  4. Confirmation: Verify that the message "Change Template Cloudfix-Template-xxx-prod successfully approved" appears. Screenshot showing the approval confirmation message.

Completing the Process

  1. Return to CloudFix: Go back and click "Done" in the Template Approval Dialog. The fixes will now be available in the "Available to Execute" section.
  2. Select and Execute: Resources in the "Ready" state can be selected individually or in bulk.Click "Execute" to send the jobs to Change Manager.
  3. Monitoring Progress: To check on progress, go back to AWS, switch the role back from TemplateApprover, and click "Requests". Screenshot showing how to monitor progress in AWS.
  4. Verify Execution: Ensure that the requests appear, which can take a few minutes. Screenshot showing the final check of request appearance.



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