Optimize EKS Clusters Running End-of-Life Kubernetes Versions

Opportunity Name:

Optimize EKS Clusters Running End-of-Life Kubernetes Versions


AWS Resource Type:

EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)


Opportunity Description:

Kubernetes versions reach the end of their support lifecycle, leaving clusters running these versions without security patches or bug fixes, and incurring extended support charges. This finder identifies EKS clusters running versions that are approaching end-of-life (EOL) within the next year, presenting an opportunity for users to plan upgrades to supported versions, thereby avoiding extended support charges and improving security posture.


Criteria for identifying the opportunity:

  • Targets EKS clusters specifically, filtering by the 'AmazonEKS' product code and 'CreateOperation' operation in AWS billing data.
  • Considers clusters where the annualized public cost, extrapolated from the last 31 days of usage, exceeds the annual public cost threshold (default $100).
  • Identifies clusters running Kubernetes versions that will reach EOL within the next year, requiring extended support or upgrade.


Can CloudFix implement the fix automatically once I accept the recommendation?



Other considerations:

  • Performance impact: Upgrading Kubernetes versions may temporarily affect cluster availability and should be planned during maintenance windows.
  • Data loss considerations: Ensure application compatibility with the new Kubernetes version to prevent potential disruptions.
  • Security concerns: Running EOL Kubernetes versions may expose clusters to vulnerabilities. Upgrading enhances security posture.


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