Optimize RDS Instances

Opportunity Name:

Optimize RDS Instances


AWS Resource Type:

Amazon RDS


Opportunity Description:

CloudFix identifies opportunities to optimize Amazon RDS instances by analyzing usage patterns and comparing current instance types against available options. This finder targets instances using Aurora MySQL, MySQL, Aurora PostgreSQL, and PostgreSQL engines, recommending instance types that could reduce costs without compromising performance based on CloudWatch metrics.


Criteria for identifying the opportunity:

  • Annual cost, extrapolated from the last 31 days of usage, exceeds the annual public cost threshold (default $100).
  • Targets RDS instances with specific engines: Aurora MySQL, MySQL, Aurora PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Excludes instances in US Gov regions and those with premium support.
  • Considers instances not tagged with 'cloudfix_dont_fix_it'.


Can CloudFix implement the fix automatically once I accept the recommendation?



Other considerations:

  • Performance impact: Changing instance types may temporarily affect performance during the switch. Ensure the target instance type meets your performance requirements.
  • Data loss considerations: No direct data loss should occur from instance optimization, but always ensure backups are up-to-date before making changes.
  • Security concerns: Verify that the target instance type complies with your security and compliance requirements.


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