Upgrading CloudFix Subscription Plan


CloudFix has a Free Forever subscription plan that allows you to find cost saving opportunities and fix those manually. When you want to automate your cost saving fixes you need to upgrade your CloudFix subscription.

Your CloudFix subscription plan allows you to run Fixers on multiple AWS accounts as long as the total spend on those AWS accounts is within the limits of your subscription plan. When your spend exceeds the plan limit, you’ll have to upgrade your CloudFix subscription plan to the next tier

Upgrade Process

  1. Login to your CloudFix account.
  2. Click Upgrade:


  1. On the pop-up, click Upgrade on AWS Marketplace. This will take you to the CloudFix - AWS Cost Optimization Platform page on the AWS Marketplace site.


  1. Click Continue to Subscribe at the top of the page:


  1. Select the parameters for the subscription:
    1. Contract term (1 month/12 months)
    2. Auto renewal (Yes/No)
    3. Contract options (Tier I/Tier II)
  2. The Total Contract Price will be shown as per the selected parameters in the previous step. Note: This will get charged to your AWS account with which you are logged into AWS.


  1. Click Create Contract. This will display all the previously selected information in a pop-up.
  2. Click Pay now:


  1. This will succeed immediately and a Congratulations! message will be shown along with a Setup your account button. This is the last part on AWS.
  2. Click Setup your account and you will be taken to the CloudFix login page.


  1. Login with your CloudFix credentials.
  2. Click on your username at the top-right corner and click Subscription to confirm that the previously selected plan is shown Active with other information like Tier, Expiration, and AWS Marketplace Customer ID.





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