Upgrading Your CloudFix Subscription Plan


CloudFix has a Free Forever subscription plan that allows you to find cost saving opportunities and fix those manually. When you want to automate your cost saving fixes you need to upgrade your CloudFix subscription.

Your CloudFix subscription plan allows you to run Fixers on multiple AWS accounts as long as the total spend on those AWS accounts is within the limits of your subscription plan. When your spending exceeds the plan limit, you’ll have to upgrade your CloudFix subscription plan to the next tier

Upgrade Process

  1. Login to your CloudFix account.
  2. Open any of the available Recommendations. Under each of the Fixers, you will see an Upgrade to fix link:

  1. Click on any of them and a Contact email to upgrade dialog will be seen:


  1. Click Contact email.
  2. As per your computer's email client settings, the email client will open with a pre-populated To address having a value as inquiries@cloudfix.com. You can fill out the details as per your requirements and the CloudFix team will get back to you.
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