CloudFix Glossary


This article lists the product-specific terms and acronyms that customers and agents need to know.



Some information like customer names that only Support Agents need to know of.

Term Definition
RBI Restaurant Brands International (customer)


The complete AWS Glossary is available. Since CloudFix works with AWS, this glossary would be useful.

Below are the terms that are primarily used/referred to in CloudFix.

Term Definition
AQUA Advanced Query Accelerator
ARN Amazon Resource Name
BDM Block Device Mapping
CD Continuous Deployment/Delivery
CFT Cloud Formation Template
CI Continuous Integration
CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing
CRI Convertible Reserved Instance
CUR Cost and Usage Report
FedRAMP Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program
FF Finder/Fixer
IAM Identity and Access Management
QS QuickSight
SCP Service Control Policy
SIT S3 Intelligent Tiering
SNS Amazon Simple Notification Service
SSM AWS Systems Manager



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