How to Connect Resource Accounts?


Resource accounts are primarily used by DevOps/Engineering teams in organizations. This article outlines the steps that should be performed to connect CloudFix to your AWS Resource Accounts by creating a CloudFormation stack in AWS.


  1. Login to your CloudFix account.
  2. If you are logging in for the first time or haven't connected any AWS accounts, then you will be directly taken to the step to connect the Resource Account.
  3. Click AWS Accounts at the top right:


  1. Click Add New AWS Account:


  1. Click Connect Resource Account on the pop-up, which will open the AWS site in a new tab:


Note: CloudFix never asks for or stores your AWS credentials. You just need to be logged into your AWS account in a different tab of the same browser.

  1. On the AWS site, you will see the configuration of the CloudFormation stack that will be created by CloudFix. The URL for this stack that would be created by Cloudfix is available under Template > Template URL on the same page of the AWS site. A JSON that displays all the required roles, permissions, and operations that will be done will open up on opening the link mentioned under Template URL. More information on the permissions and roles can be found in the CloudFix Permission Model article.


  1. At the bottom of the page, there's a Create stack button. Unless this button is clicked, the process is not approved and your AWS account will not show up under the Resource Accounts tab of your Cloudfix account. Once the button is clicked, you will find your AWS account listed under CloudFix's AWS Accounts > Resource Accounts page.

Once the account is connected, the Last Scanned Status column against that account will read Started. This means that CloudFix has initiated scans and is looking for opportunities to optimize that AWS account. Scanning and analysis typically takes 24 hours to complete and once completed, the Last Scanned Status column against that AWS account will read Completed.

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