What are CloudFix Finders


Once the AWS account is connected to CloudFix and CloudFix's analysis and scan of the AWS account is complete, recommendations for savings in your environment will be displayed. These recommendations are called Finders in CloudFix and the article provides information about them.


Finders in CloudFix are completely free.

The information related to Finders can be found on your CloudFix Dashboard under Savings & Opportunities. Under Recommendations, they are differentiated as per the below categories:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Advanced
  • Reservations
  • Best Practices

By clicking on any of the categories, it will show you the various types of available recommendations (Finders) for that category.

The details of each Finder can be seen by clicking the information icon on the left.

This will open the Recommendation Details dialog for that Finder. You can click the Support Article link for detailed information related to that Finder:

When you click on the MoreDetails.png  icon located at the far right of any of the Finders, it will open a new dialog specifically designed for applying (fixing) the recommendations available. More information on this can be found in the Fixers in CloudFix article.

Finders can be viewed for all CloudFix accounts, irrespective of the subscription status of the account. CloudFix can additionally act upon these recommendations and engage Fixers which would create a change template in AWS for you to approve. But, this feature is available only on subscription accounts.

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