Fixers in CloudFix


In order to execute the Finders, CloudFix provides Fixers which go ahead and execute the Finder recommendations.


The list of Fixers pending approval can be seen on the AWS Accounts > Fixer Configuration > Waiting for Approval page.

CloudFix CANNOT and DOES NOT execute the Fixers directly. CloudFix only has permissions to create a change request in AWS. It is up to the user to approve this change request.
CloudFix uses the AWS Change Manager to create the template, seek approval for the template and then execute the same. For every combination of Account ID and a Fixer Template, a unique Change Manager Template needs to be approved. In order to approve the Change Manager Template, there should be an authorized Template Approver in your AWS account. If there is no Template Approver, then add a Template Approver for that account.

Under the Template Approval Status column, click Click to Approve, which will bring up a Approve Template dialog for that Account and Fixer Type combination. The Fixer Execution frequency can be set here:

  • Execute Instantly - CloudFix will execute the fix as soon as it can.
  • Execute Weekly - CloudFix will execute the fix on a schedule only on the selected day of the week and time. The execution frequency can be altered at any time.


Click Approve Template in AWS Console, which will take you to the Systems Manager > Change Manager in the AWS console. All the information related to the selected Change Manager Template can be seen.

CloudFix CANNOT and DOES NOT approve the Template directly. CloudFix only has permissions to create a change request in AWS. It is up to the user to approve this Change Manager template.


Each Template comes with an Automation runbook. This is the runbook that runs every time a Change Request is created. Clicking the runbook opens a new page where all the information related to what will be run is shown. Under the Content tab on the new page, detailed information is shown which you can inspect before approving the Change Manager template by going to the previous page.


Once approved, this will be shown in CloudFix under AWS Accounts > Fixer Configuration > Approved tab.

Approving of the template for an Account and Fixer Type pair will get executed automatically. Only the Fixer Execution (Instantly or Weekly) needs to be chosen by you.

The complete list of approved Fixers can be seen on the Savings page. They are differentiated as per their status - Scheduled, In Progress, Completed:


In order to delete a Fixer, the TrashIcon.JPG icon should be clicked besides that Fixer and the instructions will be displayed on the screen. These deletion steps need to be performed on the AWS console.

CloudFix CANNOT and DOES NOT delete/reject the Template directly. CloudFix only guides the user to delete/reject a Change Manager template in AWS. It is up to the user to delete/reject the Change Manager template.

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