What are CloudFix Fixers


In order to execute the Finders, CloudFix provides Fixers that go ahead and execute the Finder recommendations.


  • From the CloudFix dashboard you can expand any of the categories (Easy, Medium, Advanced, etc.). See also, CloudFix Fixers: Types and Implications
  • This will open the below dialog for that recommendation:

  • For each of the accounts, the Approve button can be clicked and it will ask you for confirmation on whether the Template for that recommendation for that account should be approved or not. CloudFix CANNOT and DOES NOT execute the Fixers directly. CloudFix only has permission to create a change request in AWS. It is up to the user to approve this change request. CloudFix uses the AWS Change Manager to create the template, seek approval for the template and then execute the same. For every combination of an Account ID and a Fixer Template, a unique Change Manager Template needs to be approved.
  • Click Approve Template in AWS Console, which will take you to  Systems Manager > Change Manager in the AWS console. All the information related to the selected Change Manager Template can be seen.
  • CloudFix CANNOT and DOES NOT approve the Template directly. CloudFix only has permission to create a change request in AWS. It is up to the user to approve this Change Manager template.


  • Each Template comes with an Automation runbook. This is the runbook that runs every time a Change Request is created. Clicking the runbook opens a new page where all the information related to what will be run is shown. Under the Content tab on the new page, detailed information is shown which you can inspect before approving the Change Manager template by going to the previous page.


  • Once the approval is done, that account will be available in the Available to Execute tab on that dialog. Here, you can select one or more resources for the accounts and click Execute:


  • After Execute is clicked, the Status for those resources will change to Executing or Scheduled:


  • Once the execution is completed, the status will be updated and these resources/accounts will be available in the Finished tab. This tab actually shows the complete history of all the Fixers that Completed or Failed
  • The Outdated tab at the far right shows the resources that were fixed outside CloudFix, were deleted, or not longer applicable anymore. You can click the I Fixed it button beside each recommendation to notify CloudFix that these savings have been taken care of by you. This will mark the recommendation as Manually Fixed and add its savings to the CloudFix calculations and reports.

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