(Preview) Routing Network Traffic to DynamoDB VPC Gateway Endpoints

Opportunity Name:

Routing Network Traffic to DynamoDB VPC Gateway Endpoints

AWS Resource Type:

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and DynamoDB

Opportunity Description:

A NAT Gateway provides outbound internet access for EC2 instances in private VPC subnets. When those EC2 instances connect to DynamoDB through a NAT gateway, the traffic is charged with $0.045 per GB. Using CloudFix, the data transfer costs can be removed without risks by opening a DynamoDB VPC endpoint and routing traffic through it instead of the NAT Gateway. This ensures the DynamoDB traffic does not incur NAT gateway data transfer costs.

Finder Criteria:

The Finder scans your accounts and finds the VPCs without any endpoints and also the endpoints with missing route tables from a VPC. Accordingly, it then presents the opportunities for the Fixer to execute.

Fixer Execution:

For VPCs without any endpoints, CloudFix will create the DynamoDB VPC endpoint for each opportunity that was found and map all the route tables in the VPC against the endpoint. Where there are only missing routes, the specified/missing route is added to the DynamoDB VPC endpoint.

Potential savings:

Opening a DynamoDB VPC endpoint and routing traffic through it is free. So, when fixing an opportunity you save $0.045 per GB of DynamoDB traffic that used to go through a NAT gateway. These NAT gateway costs come to be around 1% of the cost of the DynamoDB spend and/or the NAT gateway spend.

Can CloudFix implement the fix automatically once I accept the recommendation?

Yes, once the Finder recommendations are approved, the Fixing of the opportunities is automatic.

Is it possible to roll back once CloudFix implements the fixer?

Reverting the changes manually is possible from your AWS account using the Clean Up steps mentioned in AWS documentation Tutorial: Using a VPC Endpoint for DynamoDB.

Does this fix require downtime?

No, this fix doesn't require any downtime and hence, is a zero downtime fix.

Do it yourself (DIY) Instructions:

If you have a CloudFix subscription, CloudFix will execute these automatic cost savings for you. However, if you'd like to do it yourself, you can do it using the steps outlined in the Using a VPC Endpoint for DynamoDB article.

Finding cost-saving recommendations with CloudFix is FREE! You'll need a paid subscription only if you'd like CloudFix to execute those recommendations.


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