Connecting to and Installing CloudFix


You want to know the process and steps required to install and connect CloudFix to your AWS account.


You should be logged in to your existing AWS IAM user account in the same browser where the below CloudFix installation steps will be performed.

  1. Go to the CloudFix site and click Sign up here.
  2. Provide your contact details, enter a password, and click Sign Up for Free to complete the registration.

No credit card is required to get started.

  1. Once logged into CloudFix, you will be prompted to run two different CloudFormation templates as described below. Select one account type in order to connect CloudFix to your AWS account. For each AWS account you add to CloudFix, you will be prompted to connect either a Resource Account or a Billing Account.
    1. Resource Account - When you connect an AWS account as a Resource account, CloudFix finds cost savings opportunities related to Resources such as Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Simple Storage Service (S3).
    2. Billing Account - When you onboard an AWS account to CloudFix as a Billing Account, CloudFix finds only billing related cost saving opportunities such as optimizing convertible Reserved Instances.


  1. After clicking Connect Billing Account or Connect Resource Account, you will be taken to AWS where the Quick create stack page is seen with the CloudFix template data pre-populated. The CloudFix template defines the provisioning of resources called a “stack”. You can review the stack configuration.


  1. Check the I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names checkbox. This authorizes the CloudFix template to manage your resources.
  2. Click Create stack.
  3. You will then be brought to the CloudFix stack creation page. AWS is now creating resources related to the CloudFix stack. Total install time should be less than 60 seconds. To confirm successful provisioning, click the Resources tab and check the Status column.


  1. Once the Status shows CREATE_COMPLETE, CloudFix’s FinderFixer algorithms will immediately start analyzing your AWS metrics to identify recommended cost saving changes. It may take a few hours before recommended changes are posted to your CloudFix dashboard for your review.
  2. (Optional) In order to add the account type that wasn't selected in step 3, click AWS Accounts > Add New AWS Account, and follow steps 4 to 8. Note: You can connect the same AWS account in both Resource and Billing modes.
  3. After the account/s is/are added and CloudFix's analysis of the same is complete, to execute the recommendations, go to the Recommendations page on CloudFix, click Run Now or Schedule besides the recommendation that you want to execute.

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