Security Risks when Using CloudFix


You would like to know information related to how secure CloudFix is. This article provides information on the various measures that CloudFix has taken to maintain a high level of security in the product.


  • Connecting CloudFix to your AWS account does not introduce any security risks. CloudFix creates a Finder and Fixer IAM role with restricted permissions by running a Cloud Formation template. This template includes a list of API services that the IAM roles will have permission to access in order to find optimization recommendations and fix/execute them. In the spirit of transparency, we are happy to share the JSON templates that create the IAM roles so that the specific services can be reviewed.
  • CloudFix queries, securely transmits and stores some resource usage pattern data in its own secure AWS environment in order to perform analysis and make the recommendations. CloudFix only uses AWS API calls which are HTTPS (encrypted in transit). Data is then encrypted in storage in the CloudFix system.
  • CloudFix doesn't store any of your AWS credentials. Hence, it's not possible for a hacker to hack into your AWS account via your CloudFix account.
  • In order to make the recommendations, CloudFix doesn't need to read any content of your databases or any other stored data.



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