CloudFix Authorization/Permissions in Customers' AWS Environments


You want to know the scope of what CloudFix can perform in your AWS environment and the permissions required for it.


  • CloudFix integrates into your existing security infrastructure, using Identity Access Management (IAM) roles in AWS. Below is the information related to the same:
    • IAM roles have administrative permissions that you can see here in our IAM policy. This policy defines what the IAM role can and cannot do within your environment.
    • CloudFix installs two IAM roles - one for our Finder and one for our Fixer. IAM roles are similar to IAM user accounts that you may already use.
    • IAM roles do not have any long-term credentials, passwords, or access keys. or permissions. Instead, access keys are created dynamically and provided to the role temporarily
  • The What's in the CloudFix CloudFormation Template? article provides more information related to various available Templates that CloudFix provides.

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