Performance Risks with CloudFix AWS Automation


You are aware that, once approved, CloudFix makes changes in your AWS environment in automated way. So, you would like to know if there are any performance risks associated with the same.


CloudFix is strategically focused only on AWS optimizations that require no downtime and have no risk of performance degradation. Thus, there are no performance risks as such.

In addition, our FinderFixer algorithms strictly follow AWS best practices and guidelines for identifying and fixing cost saving opportunities.

If you still have any concerns about performance risk, CloudFix gives you the option of reviewing each recommended cost saving action and displays the criteria used to flag it as a cost saving opportunity. You can then decide whether to execute any given action. And instead of executing it immediately, you can schedule it to run on a preferred day and time.

This can be done by logging into your CloudFix account and going to AWS Accounts > Fixer Configuration and selecting Click to Approve for each of the Fixers:


This brings up the Approve Template dialog, where the Fixer Execution can be set as per preference:


In full transparency, we expose the below CloudFormation templates used by the CloudFix algorithms to connect CloudFix to your AWS accounts:



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