Reporting on Recommendations and Their Savings


You are looking for a report/s from CloudFix that shows the recommended and completed changes along with their dollar value broken down into categories or broken down by company, department, or project.


In order to view a report related to all the historic Recommendations related to your account (along with their statuses), you can follow the below steps:

  1. Login to CloudFix.
  2. Go to Reports > Recommendations.
  3. Click Export. This will download a HistoryResult.csv file.

You can view the complete savings on the Savings tab where you can filter the results by the below fields and then download the results accordingly using the Export CSV button:

  • Organizational Units
  • Accounts
  • Fixers

If you want to view the reports related to a particular Fixer, then from the CloudFix Dashboard, you can open up the dialog related to the Fixer and get the respective reports from the Available to Execute, Finished, and Outdated tabs:


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