Reports Showing Recommended & Completed CloudFix Changes and their Dollar Value


You are looking for a report/s from CloudFix that shows the recommended and completed changes along with their dollar value broken down into categories or broken down by company, department, or project.


Currently, CloudFix does not have a feature that allows reports to be generated and/or downloaded with such information.

However, the below information is available on the CloudFix dashboard:

  • $ Savings Pending Approval (i.e., Recommended Savings) (Annualized)
  • $ Realized Savings (Annualized)

The below information is available on the individual tabs within the Dashboard:

  • Savings Pending Approval (i.e., recommended) Cost Saving Actions
  • Scheduled Cost Saving Actions
  • In-Progress Cost Saving Actions
  • Completed Cost Saving Actions




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