CloudFix's Impact on Your AWS Bills


You are aware that CloudFix collects information from your AWS accounts and want to know if CloudFix itself incurs additional charges on your AWS accounts.


CloudFix does incur an additional cost on your AWS bill. However, these cost increases are negligible.

Additional costs are created from the following three sources:

  • Resource Inventory collection using AWS Config.
    • If you already have AWS Config, CloudFix does not incur any additional charges.
    • If you don’t already have AWS Config, CloudFix will create that delivery channel. In most accounts, the cost of Config is negligible in steady state ($3 for every 1000 resource changes).
  • Cost & Usage Report - Costs are typically less than 0.05% of AWS costs
  • CloudWatch metrics are only collected for resources where CloudFix can generate cost-saving recommendations. Costs are less than $1 annually for every resource.



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