CloudFix Deployment in Multiple Regions or a Single Region


You are deploying CloudFix and would like to know if all the regions are covered in a single CloudFix installation (and it accounts for other regions) or if there should be a separate CloudFix deployment for each region.



CloudFix only needs to be installed in a single region and it will work across all your other regions.

However, note that the region where CloudFix needs to be installed is currently limited to us-east-1 . This is because it works with AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CURs) APIs, which currently are only available there as can be seen in the AWS Billing and Cost Management endpoints documentation.

We are working hard to overcome this limitation and in the future, we aim to be able to offer the installation of CloudFix in any other region worldwide.

If this is preventing your Cloudfix deployment, please contact our team at: so they can keep you updated on our developments on this front.




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