Charges Seen in AWS Accounts Due to CloudFix Scans


You have setup CloudFix with your AWS accounts and are seeing a charge from AWS for scans that were run by CloudFix.


CloudFix creates a graph of your AWS resources from AWS Config data. AWS Config charges $3 for every 1000 ConfigItems (i.e., creation, deletion or change/reconfiguration of an AWS account/resource). In most cases, this is a negligible amount (lower than 0.1% of AWS costs). In rare cases where resources are created and torn down rapidly, costs can be around 0.5% of AWS costs.

In addition, CloudFix also consumes SNS updates from AWS Config to update the graph, with negligible cost to customers.

CloudFix also calls CloudWatch APIs to populate an S3 bucket in the CloudFix account. These costs are almost negligible (less than $0.1 per resource annually).

Cost and usage reports are stored in an S3 bucket in your account. This costs less than 0.025% of total AWS costs, or $0.25 annually per 1000 resources in the account.

Periodically, CloudFix runs another flow to pull resource data and CloudWatch APIs to update these two.



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