Does CloudFix Address Overprovisioning?


You want to know if CloudFix provides recommendations to reduce the storage capacity that was initially provisioned in AWS, but is not in use now and hence, considered overprovisioned. This type of change would require downtime.


This is not in the current set of Fixers that CloudFix provides as currently, CloudFix fixes only those scenarios that don't require any downtime. Such a Fixer would lead to some disruption in customer environments.

Fixing overprovisioning for AWS Managed Services (which doesn't require downtime) will be addressed in the near future, but Fixers requiring downtime are in the long roadmap.

CloudFix has a Fixer for every Finder and doesn't provide only recommendations where customers themselves need to eventually go ahead and perform the changes. The goal of CloudFix is to have things that the customers can approve/accept once and trust to leave alone on autopilot.



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