S3 Buckets Error Message when Setting up CloudFix


When setting up CloudFix, you are seeing a You have attempted to create more buckets than allowed error.


This occurs when CloudFix is creating an S3 bucket on your account and it crosses a pre-defined AWS limit. By default, the limit on the number of S3 buckets in an account is 100. But this limit can be increased.

To increase this limit, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to the AWS Console of the concerned account.
  2. Navigate to Service Quotas > AWS services > Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
  3. Select Buckets and click Request quota increase.
  4. Enter a new value for Change Quota Value. Eg: 150.
  5. Click Request button.

The quota increase will be done. If required, AWS support team will contact the AWS account owner for justification.

The status of the the increase request can be seen on your AWS account under Service Quotas > Quota request history.



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