Change Requests in CloudFix


Change Requests (CRs) in CloudFix are created after any of the templates are approved by customers. These templates are the ones that CloudFix recommends to save costs in your environment.

Below are some points on how CloudFix handles the CRs via Cron tasks:

  • At the xx:50 of the hour, CloudFix will check if new templates have been approved.
  • Every 30 minutes, CloudFix will create Change Requests (CR) for any Recommendations that have approved templates.
  • Every minute, CloudFix will check the status of any CRs.

Finding CRs on CloudFix Interface

All the CRs are seen on the same page in the CloudFix UI, but under different tabs as per the status of each of the CR.

  • When CloudFix creates a CR, it will put that recommendation in the Scheduled tab.
  • When the CR has started processing, it will move to the In Progress tab.
  • When the CR is completed, it will move it to the Completed tab.



Things sit in the Scheduled tab for about 2 minutes. The 2±1 minutes is the time we've seen where we have put the CR into Change Manager, and Change Manager is about to take it up. It also accounts for the fact that Cron tasks are loosely to the minute. Note: Change Manager is internal to CloudFix.

For Fixers that are set to run at a certain day/time of the week, the CRs are not created in advance.  This was because we saw that the Change Manager would arbitrarily retire CRs that had not been executed in 2 days. Thus, CloudFix creates the CRs for deferred/custom schedules when it is in the hour that the user requested. Eg: If you want a fixer to run on Monday at 2 am UTC, the Cron job will pick the item up to be processed at ~2 am UTC, and treat it like it was "executed immediately".



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