What's new in CloudFix v3

What is going to change with the new version of CloudFix?

  1. Onboarding
  2. CloudFix tenant mapping
  3. Per-resource secondary approvals


Before (v2) Now (v3)
Onboarding needed to be done one account at a time. Onboarding starts with the AWS Management account. The tenant admin can then choose which Organization Units to deploy the Finders and Fixers to or simply select them all.
Onboarding could be done using any user with sufficient permissions.

Onboarding on the AWS Management account will require the appropriate access to that account.


We offer a trial installation to be installed on a single account.

These changes are required to simplify the onboarding process and reduce the manual cost of installing to each account in your organization.  Moreover, the onboarding can now be performed in several steps involving various stakeholders with different AWS permissions.

CloudFix tenant mapping

Before (v2) Now (v3)
One CloudFix tenant can be associated with any number of AWS accounts. One CloudFix tenant will be associated with the management account and all accounts within.  It will no longer be possible to link AWS accounts belonging to different organizations to the same CloudFix tenant.

We achieve a better alignment with AWS practices, and can better leverage AWS orchestration and management services.

For trial usage, it is possible to use a single AWS account.

Per-resource secondary approvals

Before (v2) Now (v3)
Once the Fixer is approved for an account, every savings recommendation would be applied at the next immediate or scheduled opportunity.

After the Fixer Template is approved, each resource recommendation can be approved individually.


When you are comfortable with the Fixer, you can have it auto-approve individual recommendations (same as V2 functionality)

We want to give the customers the freedom to choose when and where to execute the fixers.


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