How to upgrade from a single-account trial to full

This article outlines the steps required to upgrade from a single-account trial to a full-fledged V3 account.

CloudFix uses AWS Organizations

CloudFix V3 introduced some profound changes to better align with AWS orchestration and management services. Rather than importing each AWS account individually, you can now import an entire AWS Organization.

CloudFix Trial: single account approach

We decided to keep the demo account with the single account approach to enable potential customers who haven't started using AWS Organizations yet. Once you've tested CloudFix and are satisfied, you can easily upgrade to a full-fledged V3 account.

How to upgrade to V3?

You have to first disconnect your trial account:

  1. Log into the AWS account with the trial.
  2. Navigate to CloudFormation Stacks.
  3. Uninstall the cloudfix-prod stack (this will uninstall the nested children stacks)

Once that is done, you can continue to onboard your AWS management account.

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