Centralized Template Approval Feature


The Centralized Template Approval Feature allows you to centrally approve any set of Fixers for any set of accounts you have. This means you no longer have to login to your respective AWS account each time for approval, thus simplifying and speeding up the process of approving cost saving fixes.


Below steps can be followed to enable this feature:

  1. Login to the CloudFix user interface.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  3. Click Enable Centralized Approval:


  1. This will bring a dialog with 2 options:
    • Go to AWS Console - Click this if you would like to enable this feature/stack for all the Organizational Units (OUs).
    • Run Check - After the Centralized Approval stack is enabled, a check can be run from CloudFix.


  1. After this is approved in AWS, the Enable Centralized Approval button will no longer be seen and you will be able to check the row/s in the Auto Approval Templates column for the Finders Fixers that you want to be automatically approved. Make sure to click Save after making any changes.


Once this is completed, CloudFix will only use the related permission/role to auto-approve the Templates that you have selected.

Note: The Templates and their Runbooks will continue to reside in your AWS account for your viewing and validation. The Centralized Template Approval only simplifies and centralizes the approval process itself and there are no changes in any of the related Finders and Fixers.

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