Statuses of CloudFix Recommendations


This article provides information related to the different statuses that are defined for CloudFix recommendations and their workflow.

<supportagent> The status of each recommendation can be seen from the UI and from the RDS Database.</supportagent>


For each of the recommendations for a Tenant, the recommendations' current status can be tracked from the status column of the recommendation table in the pcfx_cloudfix_prod database.

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More information about each status:

  • Manual Approval - Recommendation is waiting for the user to trigger the execution (the template might be pending approval or already approved).
  • Scheduled - To be executed in the future, it can also be seen for a short time when scheduled to execute immediately.
  • In Progress - Runbook is being executed in real-time.
  • Completed - Resource that is fixed by CloudFix.
  • Failed - Fixer doesn't proceed to completion due to any reason.
  • No Longer Applicable - The recommendation is not valid anymore.
  • Resource Deleted - The resource is not available anymore in the account.
  • Resource Fixed - CloudFix notices the resource was fixed outside CloudFix.
  • Manually Fixed - When the platform detects that a resource was fixed outside CloudFix, or deleted, the user can see them in the "Outdated" list and manually indicate that that fix was done manually by selecting its checkbox and using the "I fixed it" button, which changes their status into "Manually Fixed" and moves the recommendation under the "Finished" tab. The purpose of marking as manually fixed recommendations that were suggested by CloudFix but fixed outside is that these will be accounted for in the completed and eventually realized savings.


These statuses can be found on Github.


Do not confuse the status of the recommendation with the status of the change request. This second can be tracked under from the change_request_status column of the recommendation table in the pcfx_cloudfix_prod database.



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