List of All Available Tags Used by CloudFix and their Uses


This article provides the tags used by CloudFix, so that all customers are aware of the same (in case anything is observed in the AWS environments).


Tag Name Tag Owner Tag Use
cloudfix:fixerId CloudFix The name of the fixer which applies the fix on the resource
cloudfix:executionDate CloudFix The date when the fix was applied on the resource
cloudfix:originalResourceId CloudFix The ID of the resource before the fix was applied
cloudfix:dontFixIt CloudFix When tag value is sent to "true" (lowercase), CloudFix will not generate a recommendation for the resource or apply a fix.
cloudfix:finderIds CloudFix The name of the finder which generates the recommendation or a CSV list if resource is found by multiple finders
cloudfix:name CloudFix The name of the resource
aws:autoscaling:groupName AWS The autoscaling group name of the aws ec2 instance
aws:cloudformation:stack-id AWS The ID/ARN of the stack that created the resource
aws:cloudformation:stack-name AWS The name of the stacK that created the resource
aws:ec2:fleet-id AWS The ID of the fleet the ec2 instance belongs
aws:elasticmapreduce:job-flow-id AWS The ID of the Amazon EMR job


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