Cleanup Idle NAT Gateways

Opportunity Name:

Cleanup Idle NAT Gateways


AWS Resource Type:

NAT Gateway


Opportunity Description:

NAT Gateways incur an hourly cost even if no data flows through it. The longer a NAT Gateway sits idle, the higher the chance it is no longer needed and can be removed to save on these costs.

Removing a NAT Gateway is a simple operation and can be rolled back easily if the gateway needs to be restored.


Criteria for identifying the opportunity:

Cloudfix identifies NAT Gateways that haven't had any inbound or outbound data traffic measured by CloudWatch metrics for the past 30 days.


Potential savings (range in % on annual basis):

Savings will vary based on the user's NAT Gateway configuration.  Our initial findings suggest users could save as much as 19% on their annualized NAT Gateway costs.


What happens when the Fixer is executed?

The Fixer deletes the target NAT Gateway and triggers an email message to the customer with the NAT Gateway details for rollback purposes.  These details include the original subnet, connectivity type (public/private), and the attached elastic IP address (if necessary).


Is it possible to rollback once CloudFix implements the fixer?

Rollback is possible but it is a manual process executed by the user. The customer must use the information from their email message to restore the deleted NAT Gateway and re-associate the elastic IP address if necessary.


Can CloudFix implement the fix automatically once I accept the recommendation?



Does this fix require downtime?



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